Police Recover Submerged Chevy Impala

Mar 15, 2021 1 min read
Police Recover Submerged Chevy Impala

This time we have confirmation of a crime…

A Chevrolet Impala was discovered in the Hardy Dam Pond on March 4 and the Newaygo County Sheriff’s Office was called to investigate. A dive team went into the frigid water and located the 2006 Impala which was flipped onto its roof, determining that no bodies were inside, thankfully.

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The next day the dive team and local tow company were able to extract the Chevy from the water. Running the tags, police were able to determine it was stolen in 2008 out of Kent County, Michigan. The vehicle showed signs of having been underwater for “an extended length of time” according to police.

While the Impala was obviously stolen and dumped, there’s still the question of what happened to it between the time it was taken and then driven into the water. Often, criminals will steal cars to use while committing other crimes, like stealing other more desirable cars or doing armed robberies.

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say this Impala wasn’t taken just for some joyriding. If so, either the thieves were immediately disappointed or they have little knowledge of cars. Either way, it would serve them right. The fact the Chevy was found not too far away from where it was stolen but in a more rural area seems to hint that it was used to commit some crimes and was dumped where the evidence would literally be washed away over time.

Whenever a car is found underwater somewhere, one of the immediate conclusions many rush to is it must have been used in a crime, usually insurance fraud. That’s not always the case, although we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true for most vehicles

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