$200,000 Restomod Range Rovers Seem Disappointing

Aug 18, 2021 2 min read
$200,000 Restomod Range Rovers Seem Disappointing

Think of what you could buy with that kind of cash…

Not too long ago, Business Insider wrote a piece about Kingsley Cars, a UK firm which makes restomod Range Rovers for well-heeled people who want to feel adventurous. The things are decadently luxurious and boast a build quality far better than what originally came out of the factory, points which seem to have absolutely wowed the author of the article. I’m sure these restomod British off-roaders are quite nice, and to be completely upfront I haven’t driven one, but for $200,000 I’m pretty sure I could buy multiple off-roaders which would surpass these things in the right ways.

Did you know Ford Model Ts are good for off-roading? Check them out in action here.

These Range Rovers are nice, don’t get me wrong. As noted in the article, the panel gaps are actually consistent, the mechanicals run smoothly and reliably, plus the interiors will make you forget you’re sitting in something made before CDs were really a thing.

But let’s be honest: you could make a pretty impressive Range Rover restomod for far less. Do an LS swap, repaint, refurbish the exterior trim, have a shop outfit it with new leather upholstery and carpeting, even install some modern electronics, and you’d probably be out the door for under $50,000, if not well below that. So why do it this way?

Ultimately, these ridiculous restomod builds aren’t aimed at anyone who has a tight budget or really much of a budget at all. They’re conspicuous consumption on wheels, purposely priced outside of what “commoners” can afford. Pulling up to the country club behind the wheel of a $200,000 1984 Range Rover says you have more money than you know what to do with, a fact which will impress the “right people.”

I’m well aware there are other restomod companies which will sell you a glammed-up K5 Blazer, Toyota FJ40, Ford Bronco, or something similar. Those are similarly-priced and rise to about the same level of luxury and performance. It makes me wonder if the author of this article knows such outfits exist, or maybe this was all but a paid-for advertisement for Kingsley Cars?

Check out the Business Insider review here.

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