Pontiac Trans Am Gets First Wash In 27 Years

Dec 30, 2022 1 min read
Pontiac Trans Am Gets First Wash In 27 Years

It's incredible what a good detail can do for such a decayed car.

The third generation Firebird is known for many things as it is one of the most iconic designs to ever roll off the Pontiac assembly line. Whether you like these cars, many regard the vehicles as a classier version of their third-generation Camaro counterparts. Instead of being known as the mullet of the car community, the Third generation Firebird is more like the Goatee. This particular car was rescued from its former plane of abandonment after 27 years of sitting to be detailed and sold by the Internet's favorite professional detailer. So After the complete treatment, how did this dirty 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am turn out?

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First of all, you have to understand what condition this iconic American sports car was in when they found it. Having been listed for sale online, this car features quite a bit of dust and debris covering the exterior. Even the wheels were too tight for the new owner to remove, so he got his buddies to help him with a sledgehammer. Originally the plan was to offer a detailing to the former owner, but the team purchased the car for a pricey $4,500. This may seem insane, considering they didn't even know if the car would start, but eventually, the motivation for the purchase became clear.

First up on the shop's to-do list was a prewash which got all of the years of debris unstuck so the polishing wouldn't cause scouring in the paint. Even the intake of this car was pretty disgusting as a nest of some sort had lodged itself in their pretty tight. The suspension and braking systems also got a thorough cleaning, and the polishing was set to begin. One of this car's significant problems was its fragile paint which warranted a one-step polish. When all was said and done, the car eventually started and is now ready for a new life with its fresh-looking paint and interior/exterior detailing work.

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