McLaren Sells Classic Car Collection For New Hybrid Supercar

Dec 30, 2022 1 min read
McLaren Sells Classic Car Collection For New Hybrid Supercar

This might be the brand’s saving grace…

In 2022, McLaren was having a lot of trouble as they lost about 203,000,000 pounds in the first nine months. Building super cars obviously isn’t a cheap endeavor and most of their cars are incredibly high priced even for some of the world's top 1% of people. However, they revised the strategies and now have come up with a plan to find their new hybrid supercar the Artura. An innovation that will prove to be happy for some and questionable for others.

Essentially, McLaren has bust out a number of classic automobiles from their older lineup to pay for their new cars. Some of these cars include old race cars, such as the 2010 Formula One car driven by Lewis Hamilton which has been sitting in their collection since its prime. Reportedly, that vehicle sold for 4,730,000 pounds, a lot of money but not exactly what the company needs to get back on its feet.

However, there are about 50 cars in their total collection, ranging from pretty much every model they’ve ever built. It makes sense too, most auto manufacturers keep the first of every car model that they make. Although it is helping the company to regain traction in the automotive industry and will likely lead to many great things to come, it is quite a sad sight indeed. When all things are said and done, the McLaren collection may be reduced significantly or completely sold out of existence which will make having all of these cars in one place a likely impossibility for the future. But just as is the case with any automotive brand, even their incredible Fanbase can’t keep them alive forever without some contribution on their own part.

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