Police Impound Dodge Charger For Squealing The Tires

Feb 3, 2024 1 min read
Police Impound Dodge Charger For Squealing The Tires

Big brother is watching you…

Police in Sterling Heights, Michigan kept the community safe from a Dodge Charger driver who squealed his tires on the afternoon of May 27, ensuring we can all sleep more soundly at night. According to a local report, officers observed the driver of the Charger “moving erratically through traffic” and decided to follow.

While the Dodge Charger driver was going above the speed limit, it seems from the report what finally triggered the cops to initiate a traffic stop was the fact the driver took a turn so quickly the tires squealed. And then they impounded the Mopar.

The justification for the impound was two-fold. First off, the man was ticketed for reckless driving and failure to change his address. Second, the man apparently had 3 prior tickets for “similar offenses” – whatever that means. In that situation, it apparently is completely justified for the cops to take your private property, keep it, then make you pay a bunch of fines to get it back. Oh, not to mention pay penalties for the tickets.

Instead of providing more information to give additional context, the local report leaves off there. What exactly were the “similar offenses” the man had received tickets for? We don’t know, but it seems that would be pertinent since the impounding of his car apparently was based in part off that minor detail.

Also, why did the man not update his address? The local media apparently thought that wasn’t important, either. We’re supposed to assume this man is automatically bad, not someone who might be down on his luck. After all, he drives a Dodge Charger, so the assumption many times is that he’s an aggressive, toxic male and deserves zero benefits of a doubt.

Source: Press & Guide

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