Ontario Police Bust Stunt Drivers

Nov 16, 2021 2 min read
Ontario Police Bust Stunt Drivers

This isn’t quite what you probably think it is…

We were pretty intrigued when we saw that recently police in Ontario, Canada busted multiple stunt drivers. At first glance it makes the American mind wonder if there was a movie being filmed (which happens a lot in Canada) and some of the stunt drivers got out of hand, doing tricks on public roads where they weren’t supposed to. But no, this is a case of language barrier, but it’s still an interesting story.

Learn the unbelievable excuse a Canadian Hellcat driver had for speeding here.

Per the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario, “stunt driving” can include actually performing a stunt behind the wheel of a car, or betting on race/contest on a roadway. So, they call street racing “stunt driving” because Canada.

In one incident, York Regional Police posted to its official, verified Twitter account that a red Corvette was clocked going 128 km/h, which is about 79 mph. We don’t know what the posted limited was, but we’ll assume it was well under that speed.

A release from the department says 25 drivers were charged with stunt driving over the weekend of November 5-7. The vehicles were impounded for 14 days and the drivers were arrested. Other charges were added in there, including dangerous driving and speeding.

And here we thought Canadians were extra nice and courteous.

OPP Highway Safety Division also took to Twitter with its official, verified account to show how a 22-year-old driver in a Mazda was clocked going 174 km/h on Highway 8. We don’t know what the speed limit is there, but that’s about 108 mph, which we think is probably a fair bit above what they’re supposed to be going. That person picked up a stunt driving charge along with speeding and novice driver BAC above zero or in other words a blood alcohol level that wasn’t zero. Not good. That last charge comes with a 24-hour suspension of the driver’s license.

The lesson here is that even in Canada they have problems with stunting or street racing. Also, they have funny names for things.

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