NYC Mercedes C-Class Crash Showcases Horrible Behavior

Feb 18, 2021 2 min read
NYC Mercedes C-Class Crash Showcases Horrible Behavior

Dash cam videos sure can reveal a lot…

A dash cam video recently dropped on YouTube shows a horrific crash involving two newer Mercedes C-Classes in New York City. If you’re anything like us, you spend a lot of time on the internet watching crash videos like this. They often show the darker side of humanity as people engage in road rage resulting in property damage and possibly bodily injury. However, sometimes there’s an act of kindness or bravery as people jump in to help amidst the carnage. Sadly, this isn’t that kind of video.

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To start off, the guy with the dash cam seems to be part of the problem. He’s traveling on FDR Drive in Manhattan and as you can hear is having a phone conversation, but since it’s in a language we don’t understand we have no idea what’s being said. However, the discussion sounds pretty emotional and that might explain why this guy is camping out in the left lane when the other lanes are completely open, creating a safety hazard.

image credit: YouTube

Of course, another explanation is the guy is just self-consumed. But wait, he’s not the only one. A newer black Mercedes C-Class flies by like he’s standing still, maybe because he’s actually going well below the speed limit, we don’t know. They lose control and slide right into the cement barrier just as a white Mercedes C-Class appears in the corner of the frame.

image credit: YouTube

Because the first Mercedes appears to be speeding and the second one looks to be driving aggressively, some have concluded these two were racing. That’s a big assumption but it is possible. What’s also possible is they’re driving in NYC while the other guy is lollygagging in the left lane.

Then the black Mercedes veers left and hits the guardrail nose-first, the back end picking up. After hitting its brakes, the white Mercedes drives around the wreckage. That’s a jerk move, but then the guy with the dash cam does the same thing. Welcome to NYC? It’s possible the driver of the black Mercedes suffered a medical emergency and that’s why they crashed, but even if they were racing who could look at themselves in the mirror having just driven off like that? Oh, and the guy with the camera just continues his phone conversation, because that’s obviously more important than someone who needs help. Wow, just wow.

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