Watch A Nissan 350Z Bring A Cadillac Dealership To Its Knees

Feb 24, 2021 2 min read
Watch A Nissan 350Z Bring A Cadillac Dealership To Its Knees

Oh the horror!

A Nissan 350Z driver who reportedly was street racing in the Tampa Bay, Florida area at 3:30 in the morning in late January crashed, absolutely devastating a Cadillac dealership. Infamous Florida Man strikes again! The collision took out 7 crossovers, the very thing Cadillac depends so greatly on for sales these days, as well as the dealership sign. It’s a potent lesson in the stupidity and dangers of street racing, although we know some people still won’t listen.

Learn how illegal street takeovers are spreading across the nation here.

It’s obvious the Nissan was really ripping down the road when the driver lost control. While 350Zs aren’t exactly lightweight cars, the fact it was able to take out the sign and absolutely demolish 7 crossovers so thoroughly is a testament to extreme speed being a factor. This is why racing on the drag strip where there are safety measures is always the better choice.

image credit: YouTube

The person who posted this video claims the driver of the Nissan 350Z walked away from the crash with only some minor scratches. A search for news about the wreck returned no local stories, so we have no way of confirming if that was the case. However, if true it’s a miracle there were no serious injuries, no to mention a fatality.

Video of the aftermath of the wreck is pretty horrific. The 350Z flipped onto the roof and is barely recognizable, and it’s not much better for most of the Caddies. A fire broke out, torching some of the vehicles and leaving plenty of charred debris on the ground. Mixed into the mangled crossovers are pieces of the dealership sign – now how will people know where to buy their new Escalade?

image credit: YouTube

Hands down the best part of the video is at the beginning with the service center employees pointing out parts of the cars they think are salvageable. Considering all the cars will likely be involved in one messy insurance claim, they’re all probably sitting on a Copart lot right now. In other words, if you want to pick up the pieces of this accident and try to make something out of the situation, it might turn be a profitable venture.

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