Rocking a Challenger Scat Pack Widebody shows this cop has seriously good taste in cars!

When most people think of a cop, they typically don't associate the boys in blue with car enthusiasts. Time after time we are shown in movies and TV the 'stuck up cop' chasing the 'bad boy' in the hot rod. While it may be true that some cops despise fast cars for what they represent (freedom mostly) there is one officer of the law that sure does love muscle cars.

Do you think Officer Craig could catch this Hellcat on the run?

James Craig, Detroit police chief, is the proud owner of a 2020 Dodge Challenger 392 Scat Pack. In an interview with Metro Detroit, Craig goes on to show off his little piece of American muscle and explains his particular affinity with Mopar. His ambitions initially led him to take the automotive career path. The first step on his way to automotive enthusiasm was working at Chrysler’s Lynch Road assembly plant after attending Lawrence Technical high school in Detroit. Alas, things change and that's how our boy got into law enforcement.

The Chief's love for muscle cars began with the Plymouth Fury bequeathed to him from his grandfather. Due to the car's status as a high powered muscle car coupled with his age at the time, he began modifying it and has since fallen in love with Mopar. Due to James’s affinity for high horsepower cars and big muscular V8s the current “street racing” trend in Detroit is somewhat understandable for him. He recognizes it as having come from a place of enthusiasm and says that he believes that the best way to handle the situation is through finding common ground.

This new approach may include things like the ‘Roadkill Nights’ in Pontiac as he says that the hosted races are just the way to go about fixing the problem. However, the cards fall for Detroit will be decided by the willingness of both the city and the racers to compromise and negotiate. For this reason, Chief James Craig may be on to something. Perhaps this is a rare opportunity to end the war for the roads once and for all.

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