What Would You Do If Someone Abandoned A Ferrari At Your House?

Feb 24, 2021 2 min read
What Would You Do If Someone Abandoned A Ferrari At Your House?

Matt Farah knows all about it...

There’s no doubt Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire has a lot of cool and crazy car stories. After all, when you spend pretty much every day around some of the most lust-worthy vehicles in the world, making interesting videos about them, etc. you’re bound to have some good tales socked away.

Check out this Batmobile mysteriously found in a field and the story behind it here.
image credit: YouTube

As Farah tells his story, he was working for a guy named Emil Rensing over a decade ago before the economy crashed. That guy was paying Farah a fixed salary to make car videos, a thing which is pretty much unheard of today unless your named is Clarkson, May, or Hammond. So it was a pretty sweet gig but it wasn’t to last as the economy plunged into darkness.

Not only was Farah promised stock options and other fringe benefits for abandoning his current business and working for Rensing. When the business was sold to Google, to nobody’s surprise the tech giant didn’t honor any of those promises.

Farah was kicked to the curb, but he took some of his crew and moved to California where they proceeded to make car videos. It’s a popular place for that sort of thing, in part because the weather is nice for year-round video production.

image credit: YouTube

Anyway, Rensing lived in California and for probably reasons of not wanting to starve Farah was doing little jobs for him here and there. Then this Rensing guy starts going through a divorce and decides to leave California for NYC. However, he needed to leave his Ferrari 430 Scuderia at Farah’s house for only a week, then a truck was supposed to come by and take it.

Yeah, you already know that truck never showed up. We all have had friends like this, and if you haven’t you might be this kind of friend, the one who’s always talking big and making promises never delivered on. Anyway, the story gets pretty crazy and you just have to hear Farrah explain it. If you want to skip to where it really gets going, go to about 2:35 in the video.

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