See How 1969 And 1999 Trans Ams Stack Up

Dec 3, 2020 1 min read
See How 1969 And 1999 Trans Ams Stack Up

Which generation is better and why?

Car enthusiasts like to argue about which models are best. Usually it’s all in good fun, at least when we’re gathering in person at a meet or show. However, online things can get a little heated, as evidenced in many forums and Facebook groups. Maybe it’s that the internet adds a little bit of anonymity to your behavior, like why people road rage but are nice as can be in stores (sometimes).

When it comes to pony cars, most of the fighting is between brands, especially the Mopar vs. Ford vs. Chevy debate. Sometimes people tend to forget Pontiac existed, even when it was still in business. As a side note, we’re still not sure how Buick survived but Pontiac was kicked to the curb, other than the fact GM was focusing on Chinese consumers.

In this instance, we’re looking at a retro review from MotorWeek when they compared the then-new 1999 Pontiac Trans Am 30th Anniversary to the 1969 Pontiac Trans Am. Most people are immediately going to have an opinion about the first and fourth generations of the car. But watching the review with an open mind could teach you a few things.

This is the ultimate duel between old school muscle and the resurgence of American muscle in the 90s. While watching it, we couldn’t help but wonder had Pontiac still been around last year, what a 2019 Trans Am 50th Anniversary would’ve been like. It’s an excruciating thought, to be honest, one we’d rather not entertain too much.

Even worse, just think how a modern Trans Am would stack up against the Dodge Challenger Hellcat or the Shelby GT500. We don’t even know what could’ve been possible.

Before you watch the video, which car do you think is overall the best? Make a decision, but keep that mind open as you see what conclusions MotorWeek draws and why.

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