Nevada Government Employees Enjoying Taxpayer-Funded Luxury Rides

Mar 9, 2023 2 min read
Nevada Government Employees Enjoying Taxpayer-Funded Luxury Rides

This doesn’t seem like a good use of tax funds…

An explosive report out of Nevada claims state and county employees are getting taxpayer-funded luxury vehicles they keep. The investigative report from Las Vegas Review-Journal claims taxpayer money has been used to buy Teslas, Cadillacs, Audis, and other luxury rides for highly-compensated government workers, some of them making over $200,000 a year.

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While some of these employees only have a portion of their monthly payment covered, the fact taxpayer dollars are used to pay for a government worker’s private vehicle at all is raising uncomfortable questions. The report claims employees are receiving up to $700 a month, an amount someone who makes six figures should easily be able to float themselves.

The totality of the cost is pretty staggering. Las Vegas Review-Journal says Clark County and Clark County School District had over 40 employees on a vehicle allowance for 2021. Public records show the cost of that was about $400,000.

Names are named for some officials in Nevada who have benefitted from car allowances while collecting a healthy paycheck. The practice seems rather widespread and yet until now it seems nobody thought it was anything out of the ordinary. While some Nevada citizens might think it’s just fine, we’d wager most wouldn’t.

Some government employees complain that the citizenry doesn’t exactly appreciate their sacrifices for the collective good without understanding it’s cases like this which really harm their public image. This is the sort of thing which should be roundly condemned but when other government officials and employees fail to do just that suspicions are further raised.

We have to wonder if this same practice is in place for other states, counties, and municipalities around the country? It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that’s the case even though it would be disappointing and infuriating.

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

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