This violent rubber burning machine represents an odd time in racing.

Possibly one of NASCAR’s most infamous vehicles was the 1969-1970 Dodge Daytona and Plymouth Superbird. Without a doubt, these things were fast. With the heavily modified front ends and gigantic rear wing of these track monsters ripping and roaring down the circle tracks of the NASCAR series, the image of these cars was forever burned into the minds of car enthusiasts from around the nation. While the Superbird and Daytona were clearing the track of their various competitors, there was something else in the works for the racing series. Unfortunately, these fascinating automobiles were booted from the series due to a new rule that specifically targeted the Mopar monster twins.

However, this rule would not keep these violent rubber burning machines down for long as dedicated fans of the cars and others like it began recreating or obtaining original examples of the car. This particular car is an example of the latter.

Under the hood is the Mopar 440 four-barrel carburetor which, while it may not be a Hemi, is an incredible engine that produces a heavy deal of horsepower. The numbers on this crazy car match up perfectly and the air cleaner was even signed by racing legend Richard Petty.

As Sean from AutotopiaLA takes the car for a spin around town, hundreds of on-lookers watch in amazement as this “freakish” beast rolls at speeds just low enough to hear that classic Mopar idle. Being such a famous car, nearly everyone can recognize it. Whether it's a little kid who remembers the car from the big screen as “The King” in the movie cars, or an old-timer looking to remember the days of old when cars were still metal and fire. Regardless of who you are or where you come from, this thing turns heads and that is pretty cool.

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