Mr. 4-Speed Shares The Magic Of The Sox & Martin Dodge Demon

Aug 2, 2021 2 min read
Mr. 4-Speed Shares The Magic Of The Sox & Martin Dodge Demon

Listen to the master of Mopar share it himself!

Mopar has always been on top of the drag racing scene. Whether it's for the insane power or the advanced suspension system that allowed the cars to jump off the line, these things were recognized as being some of the greatest drag racers of their time. Of course, this high praise inflated the quantity of Mopar drag racers. As far as Chrysler, specifically Dodge, racing teams go, few are as famous as the Sox & Martin team. Winning race after race, not only with the driving aspect but also the engineering work. This put Sox & Martin on the frontline of technological advancement and progress within the racing community. This allowed Sox & Martin to get their hands on some of the best cars and equipment for their time. This is where the incredibly well-known Sox & Martin Dodge Demon.

When the team first got the car it was referred to as “white” this was the name given to cars that were stripped down to their shells and made into racing cars. Most of the modification done to the car, in the beginning, was body modification. This included moving the floorboard up two inches, “making space” in the engine bay and shifting the entire body of the car two inches forward. Another change that was made was stiffening the car up so that twisting upon acceleration was made a non-issue. This allowed the car to keep on the straight and narrow at launch.

Steering was made easier by the addition of rack & pinion steering which had never been done before that time. Weight is also a big obstacle to overcome in the racing world so to combat this, the team acid dipped every piece of this car to reduce unwanted weight. Many of the bolts holding the car together were also rifle drilled and the brakes had countless holes drilled in them for weight reduction. This Hemi-powered beast was an absolute monster on the track even going as far as to have one of the most famous and recognizable wheelies in all of racing. In short, this thing was fast.

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