What are these people thinking?

Since the first cars were sold, mankind has gotten the idea that we can improve this, beyond the factory options, and sometimes that's true. However, there are instances where this idea goes horribly wrong. Just when I thought an over abundance of zip ties, JB Weld, and duct tape holding a car together was bad, these cars popped up on my radar. Whether these people were trying to cheap out on parts, or they truly thought they could modify their cars better, beyond what factory and aftermarket parts are out there, these mods will make you go 'What The Fabricated?'

This Camaro Cuda was modified into a totally different car!

Improvised Trailer Hitch

It's hard to tell what kind of car this is, possibly some kind of crossover, judging by the ground clearance. There sure is a lot of scratches on the rear bumper, which makes us wonder what this person is out there doing with this wood-based trailer hitch, with ball (somehow) affixed to the tree-sourced tow rig. Whatever you do, do not ride behind this guy while he's got something hooked up to tow!

Kettle Cold Air Intake

When you want a cold air intake, but you don't have time to source a proper filter, just see what you have in the garbage, right? Of all the questions we have about the why, and hows of this, the biggest thing we want to know is: Does the exhaust smell like popcorn?

Unique Bench Seats

This is one friend you're probably not going to ask for a ride from twice! When the driver of this car said they had bench seats, this is not quite what you would have in mind.

Gotta Cool it Somehow

This is one of many pictures out there of window units being used in vehicles, and we've got to point one thing out - every single one of this rigged air conditioners look infinitely more complicated than repairing, or replacing, the vehicle's a/c, what's going on, window unit people?

That Window is Going Down, One Way or Another!

Then we have these people, who don't need an a/c in their car, because they've beat the system, and figured out how to make their windows function without a knob. This must be a major blow to the window lever manufacturing community. Is this the future of power windows?

Yes, I've Got a Spare!

This can't be real, and if it is, everyone steer clear of this lunatic! After being around car people my whole life, and working in the industry my entire adult life, little fazes me, but this trolley wheel has me genuinely concerned.

Get in, Baby!

One of two things is happening here (I think) - this is some kind of make shift child's car seat holder, or the hinges on the front seat broke, and this is propping it up. Hoping it's the latter, I can't make sense of the extra boards piled on this wood frame, thing, and grow concerned that front seat support is not the intent here.

Is This Really Even Helping?

Why not buy a BMW X5 luxury SUV and put a bootleg rear window wiper on it? There are no rules anymore. This 'modification' is especially irritating because that tiny bit of wiping doesn't really seem to be doing anything for visibility, and now this guy is out here with a broom head representing the BMW community.

Another Snack Food Used in the Engine Bay

My daughter's Social Studies class is currently discussing reduce, reusing, and recycling, but I don't think her 4th grade class would approve of this one! I'd like to point out that this air duct 'repair' uses not just one, but two different flavors of Pringles! Which is your favorite? I'm a sour cream and onion girl, myself.

When You Just Stop Caring

Maybe this car's owner is waiting on an insurance claim to come through, or maybe they're just embracing the suck. When the side of your car gets smashed in, and you don't want people to gasp in terror of the unsightly damage, you can literally put a band-aid on it! I'm sure you've seen the car bandages before, and thought 'Eh, it's kind of clever', but this is, a bit much.

Can You Open the Door, Please?

I have to commend this person for at least giving whoever they inevitably kidnap a chance to bail out going down the road. This is the ultimate 'hold my beer' modification for your shotgun passenger's convenience.

This Challenger was bizarrely modified to handle the snow, check it out here.

When the idea to make this list came up in an editorial chit chat, I was genuinely hoping to find some clever hacks out there, but I am thoroughly unimpressed, while also pretty amused. What are the worst car hacks you've seen?

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