2JZ Swapped 240SX Is An Asphalt Devouring Beast

Aug 2, 2021 1 min read
2JZ Swapped 240SX Is An Asphalt Devouring Beast

This is a sensational drift car!

AutotopiaLA has seen a lot of action from big, burly, muscle cars in the past however one largely overlooked sector of the car world for them is the JDM scene. Japan has spent the better part of the last few decades building small sports cars that, despite a lack of power, always delivered on the fun aspect of driving. Of course, this reputation for making incredible compact sports cars that would last for generations of enthusiasts to enjoy has given the JDM crowd a lot of fuel to grow.

Two cars that have accelerated this fascination with Japanese cars are the Toyota MK4 Supra and the 240SX. Love or hate these cars, almost anyone can agree that the 2JZ under the hood of the Supra is a great engine while the awesome handling and instant recognition you get from a 240SX is enough to make up for the lackluster power output in the previously mentioned 240SX. However, this particular car guy decided that he wanted a vehicle that would combine what makes these cars awesome. This is the origin of an incredible 2JZ swapped 240SX drift car. Boy did he get what he asked for!

Under the hood of this beast of a beater car is the legendary 2JZ which was fully decked out with a twin-turbo system, V-tech, and nitrous. This gives that incredible powerhouse an output of just over 500 horsepower and 650 on nitrous. The owner bought the car already built to handle and drift like a monster and the car delivers quite well on that prospect. Needless to say, this car takes drifting to another level. Watching the owner whip his car around showing off both the excellent build quality and his understanding of the car’s limits is mesmerizing and we hope to see more of that in competition.

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