Fastback Ford Mustang Makes Single Digit Passes In The Quarter Mile

Aug 2, 2021 1 min read
Fastback Ford Mustang Makes Single Digit Passes In The Quarter Mile

It has a small block, big tires, and a blower to make it boogie down the track!

The Ford Mustang is an insanely important piece of the automotive community. Love or hate the ‘Stang you cannot deny that this incredible car started a revolution that created an entirely new genre of vehicles, the pony car, despite the Plymouth Barracuda undercutting the segment by two weeks. Without any warning, the Ford Mustang took the world by storm eventually growing to the highest of its current fame.

Critics would say the first Mustang was slow and boring, having originally been described by Carroll Shelby as a “mule”. Thankfully, with his help, it eventually evolved into an incredible pavement-eating beast that would cement itself in the minds of car enthusiasts young and old.

This fame has led many enthusiasts to build their own dream Mustang. Whether it was for style, speed, or a combination of the two, the Mustang has been the canvas of choice for many automotive artists and continues that trend to this day. Of course, this car is a perfect example of this. Originally having served as a pro-gas car running a 9.5-second quarter mile and now runs a 7.5-second quarter mile. Under the hood is a Ford small block with a huge supercharger that puts out some insane horsepower and the body is also entirely steel from the firewall back. This car shows that with a lot of elbow grease you can get anything done, even something as seemingly impossible as making a classic Mustang fast by today's impossible standards.

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