Artist Gives Ford Lightning An Update

Feb 8, 2024 2 min read
Artist Gives Ford Lightning An Update

Well, what do you think?

If you really hate the radical renderings of classic American vehicles where they’re fitted with some huge widebody kit and other over-the-top modifications, you might find yourself pleasantly relieved by this rendering of the second-gen Ford Lightning. It’s nice to see an artist exercise some restraint with these pixel paintings, because as much fun as it is shredding ridiculous concepts for future Hot Wheels cars, it’s nice to see someone come up with a decent possibility for a real-world project.

image credit: Instagram

Moving on to this Ford Lightning sport truck, you might not notice it at first, but the stock fenders have been widened slightly. It’s a subtle change, especially since your eyes are more likely to be drawn to the Center Line Convo Banshee wheels with Hoosier rubber wrapped around. Those wheels might be a little too flashy for some, but others will be fans. Either way, they don’t exist in that size, so this detail is purely fiction.

Another notable change is the white stripes on the rocker panels. The artist said he was about to go with a scallop paint job, but when he tried out the stripes he thought they worked great. Do you agree?

image credit: Instagram

Other, smaller aesthetic details include smoked headlight and taillight lenses, badging removed, and it looks like possibly billet aftermarket grilles. You might be surprised by the fact nothing else about the Lightning’s body has been changed from the stock setup.

That’s not all the changes, as a rendering with the hood off reveals a nice Roush supercharger instead of the factory unit. It should add some serious boost to the 5.4-liter V8, making a sport pickup truck that’s already quick even quicker.

image credit: Instagram

Like we said before, this rendering could become reality, save the wheels. It’s nice to see an artist set aside the completely crazy projects for a change and do something more grounded in the real world, because the results are pretty cool.

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