Modern Ford Model T Takes A Unique Approach

May 4, 2021 2 min read
Modern Ford Model T Takes A Unique Approach

What do you think of the result?

Few vehicles have been as influential as the Ford Model T. Despite what most people today perceive, the cars weren’t fragile and they weren’t kept stock by many owners. Customizing a Tin Lizzie to turn it into a racecar, people mover, workhorse, etc. was quite common during its heyday. That’s why we feel this rendering of a modernized Ford Model T is compelling, if not a little flawed.

Ford Model T snowmobiles have been around for a long time. Learn more about them here.

Rather than taking a dramatic approach by adding some contrived widebody kit, chassis underglow, roof scoop, and a snorkel for good measure, the designer who took on this project sought to preserve the overall look of the Model T. Even someone who doesn’t know cars should be able to identify what this is quickly.

As you examine the rendering just a little more closely, three large details immediately set this apart from how the Tin Lizzies were straight from the assembly line. Yes, it’s in the ubiquitous black like so many others, but the Ford is riding low. Thankfully, this designer didn’t try to slam the classic car within an inch of the ground. Instead, the ride height looks pretty good, although it no doubt will offend purists.

Then there are the modern six-spoke alloy wheels. Five-spoke wheels would’ve changed things up, but the design of these wheels is even more modern. They’re also considerably wider than the factory wheels, with the fenders barely covering all the rubber.

Finally, this modernized Ford Model T has side pipes. They’re massive and honestly look out of place, but they’re not horrible. This detail definitely gives a more hotrod feel to the Model T, but why not just go for it, give it a raked stance, take off the engine cowling and slap in a larger motor with some bundle of snakes headers? True, it would look like so many cool hotrods we’ve already seen, where this rendering is pretty unique.

What do you think of this modernized Ford Model T? Let us know in the comments.

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