Barn Find Hot Rod Stretches Its Legs After 60 Years

Aug 15, 2021 2 min read
Barn Find Hot Rod Stretches Its Legs After 60 Years

This is great to watch.

A lot of people understandably are upset to see the condition of barn find cars. While for some collectors, who apparently have zero intention of actually driving a vehicle, a certain amount of disrepair is attractive, for others it’s horrifying since they firmly believe cars are meant to be enjoyed on the street or track, not just stationary sitting in some guy’s living room like a four-wheel statue. That’s why it’s wonderful to see a barn find hot rod in California rescued, fixed, and finally taken for a drive on the street.

This hot rod, a 1932 Ford 3-window coupe, is called the Dewar Coupe. Formerly a show car back in the 1950s, it wowed countless enthusiasts in the booming California car scene at the time. The previous owner marked it in a Pasadena garage in the early 1960s where it stayed until recently.

There’s a big debate in the car world about whether or not a barn find should be fully restored. Some, like Jerry Seinfeld, firmly believe a healthy patina and other signs of age should be left alone since it shows character and keeps the original look and feel of the car alive. Others like to see something put together perhaps better than when it left the factory with pearlized, metallic, or even candy coat paint and some customizations. We won’t even get into the restomod camp, because that goes even further.

Anyway, the guy who rescued this ’32 Ford hot rod decided the best way to respect the car’s history was to get it running but leave the cosmetics untouched. Sure, he cleaned it up, but that’s about it.

Ultimately, what you decide to do with your car should be your decision. Yes, there are enthusiasts who feel so passionate about their viewpoint they try to tell vehicle owners what they should do, like they’re the law enforcement of the hobby. We can see the different perspectives on this often sensitive topic, including why leaving this hot rod the way it is has an attraction. What do you think?

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