DeTomaso Pantera Wears A Widebody Kit

Jan 29, 2023 2 min read
DeTomaso Pantera Wears A Widebody Kit

Now this is how you do a widebody, Instagram artists!

The DeTomaso Pantera is one of the most beloved Italian-American cars out there. It’s understandable why since it combines a svelte body with a growing V8 for an absolutely perfect marriage of beauty and brawn. For many enthusiasts it’s a car you just don’t mess with too much, so when you hear someone put an expensive widebody kit on one the initial reaction might be disgust or at least extreme skepticism.

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Thankfully, the owner, Travis, has good taste and a healthy respect for the Pantera’s legacy. He’s not looking to subvert your expectations or kill your hero car just to get some likes on Instagram. Instead, the guy dropped $175,000 on a widebody GT4 kit for the DeTomaso and the result is nothing short of fantastic.

image credit: YouTube

Back in the 90s the previous owner of this car had it taken to Hall Pantera, where they put the GT4 widebody kit on it. Many of the classic Panteras have been modified in different ways, both cosmetically and mechanically, so this isn’t considered too uncommon. Still, this particular car looks great.

image credit: YouTube

For a long time, Panteras didn’t have the greatest reputation because of problems with overheating and other issues. More recently, values have been on the rise as those of us who ogled these as kids have grown up and now have the financial resources to buy and fix them up. Pristine examples even go for 6 digits these days and we wouldn’t be surprised to see prices continue to inflate over time.

image credit: YouTube

This Travis guy has Shawn Davis from AutotopiaLA come to his house and it’s great. The man has all kinds of cool car projects going on, so if you want to see them all, check out the video and be ready to pause it so you can take in the different cars in detail.

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