Kid Wrecks New Toyota Supra

Sep 19, 2021 2 min read
Kid Wrecks New Toyota Supra

And it wasn’t even his…

A young kid took a Toyota Supra to a car meet Edmonton, Alberta, deciding to show off with the brand-new sports car, only to trash it. What’s worse, the Supra wasn’t his but instead belongs to a dealership where he works. The whole thing was caught on camera and posted to Reddit by user Dako_koda so we can all enjoy a nice laugh.

Learn why a Toyota Supra is abandoned in the Japanese mountains here.

As if crashing the Supra that wasn’t his isn’t cringe-inducing enough, you’ll notice the decals on the side of the Toyota. According to Dako_koda, the kid put those on the car, we’re guessing to help with the ruse that it was his brand new ride. That Reddit user also claims “they immediate took them (the decals) and the dealership plate off after the crash.” It’s as if nobody will figure out what really happened if they ditch that evidence, or something like that? Making sense out of the actions of the senseless usually only ends in frustration.

Oh, but this gets even worse: Dako_koda claims there’s a Go Fund Me campaign to help the kid pay for the damages. Obviously, the dealership’s insurance won’t cover it and we don’t know of any insurance carrier which will shell out for damage while doing something like this. So either the driver or his buddies want everyone else to dig him out of the hole he’s found himself in. We searched but couldn’t find the campaign, probably because we don’t know the guy’s name.

Car meets can either be a really chill way to show off your ride, check out other’s vehicles, and meet some new gearhead friends. Unfortunately, there are some shows which are more like a street takeover or something out of the early Fast and Furious movies, which appears to be the vibe at this meet. When that’s the case, poor behavior with cars is almost inevitable. And when those vehicles are legitimate performance machines, the idiots involved can get in serious trouble in a hurry as their skills are outstripped before they can blink.

For whatever it’s worth, Auto Club YEG (which put together this wonderful meet) posted a livestream video on Instagram explaining their version of what happened. You can choose to believe everything they have to say or not.

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