This Abandoned Toyota Supra Will Never Be Recovered

May 11, 2021 2 min read
This Abandoned Toyota Supra Will Never Be Recovered

Learn the legend surrounding this poor car…

While many enthusiasts fantasize about owning a Toyota Supra A80, the A70 Supra is still something most people wouldn’t kick out of their garage. That’s what makes seeing the third-gen car just abandoned in the Japanese wilderness fascinating and terrorizing. The initial gut reaction is to question why nobody has pulled the sports car out of its resting spot, instead of letting it slowly return to nature. There’s an interesting story behind the unrecoverable Toyota Supra left to rot on a Japanese mountain.

Maybe someone like these guys could actually recover this Supra?

If you’ve been in some rugged areas, it’s not entirely unusual to see a husk of a vehicle here and there. Usually they’re burned out and parted out, maybe to cover up a crime. Nobody seems to really know why this car has been abandoned in the wilderness of Japan, but there are theories about it.

image credit: YouTube

The people who know where this car is located have worked hard to not let the location out to the public. It’s usually described as just being “deep in the mountains of Japan.” Videos and photos of the wreckage do portray a pretty rugged terrain. It sits in the bottom of a ravine, near a stream. The trees on the slope above it are pretty thick and the grade seems steep. While there’s a road up top, it apparently is too difficult to hoist it up using tow truck. We bet if it were an A80 someone would’ve found a way a long time ago.

Since it’s just been abandoned, it looks like either the owner of the car or others have taken the liberty of helping themselves to any components they can unbolt and easily carry off. Most of the interior is full of leaves and other debris, but you can see the steering wheel is missing. The driver’s seat is missing but the passenger seat is still there.

image credit: YouTube

Despite the car’s nose being partially buried in one video, another one taken a couple of years later shows that someone was able to pop the hood. The 1G-GTE straight-six engine hasn’t been taken out, likely because getting that up the hill would be just as difficult if not even more difficult than dragging the car up there. Plus, the engine bay has a lot of water in it.

People have noted there’s a roll cage installed in this MKIII Supra. That indicates it likely was owned by someone who liked to race or drift it. When you put two and two together, it’s not difficult to imagine how the Toyota ended up going off the mountain road, coming to rest at the bottom of a steep slope.

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