Will he keep it stock?

Comedian Kevin Hart is quite the car guy, although many gearheads and even normies are keenly aware of the unfortunate accident back in September of 2019. That crash left Menace, a 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda modified by Speedkore, in absolute shambles and landed Hart in the hospital. Since then, the man has recovered from the wreck and is back at work. He’s also purchased a number of enviable rides recently, including the first Ferrari SF90 Spider to be sold in the United States.

Find out about the fate of Menace, Hart’s restomod ‘Cuda here.

Hart took to Instagram to show off his new ride, as he so often does. He bought the exotic Italian to celebrate the release of True Story, a made-for-Netflix movie which also stars Wesley Snipes.

This is hardly Hart’s first Ferrari purchase this year. He bought a Ferrari 488 Pista back in March, adding to the Ferrari 458 Spyder, two Ferrari 488 GTBs, and Ferrari 488 already in his collection.

However, Hart really has a thing for American muscle. He owns a convertible Pontiac GTO, classic Shelby GT500, and a restomod 1969 Camaro. The man also has an ultra-rare Buick GNX which is in beautiful condition. He purchased a 1959 Corvette restomod at a Barrett-Jackson auction in April for a whopping $825,000.

Also back in March, Hart purchased a brand new Mercedes-Benz GLC for his daughter Heaven as a present for her 16th birthday. While that might sound insane to most, for the comedian it was obviously a cheap acquisition.

Many still don’t realize Hart wasn’t driving Menace when the car ran off the road and rolled down the mountainside in California. Behind the wheel was his wife’s trainer’s fiancé, and ultimately an official investigation into the accident cited driver recklessness as the cause. Still, Hart has been observed behaving badly behind the wheel since recovering from the crash, including reports of him allegedly texting and driving in a classic Ford Mustang, swerving around in highway traffic.

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