Gautam Singhania’s Insane Car Collection

Mar 11, 2021 1 min read
Gautam Singhania’s Insane Car Collection

This is a very diverse car collection!

Money, fame, fortune, are all perks that come with being an extravagant multi-billionaire. As for cars, fast beautiful cars are synonymous with wealth. So it is only natural that one of the world's leading billionaires, Gautam Singhania, has amassed quite a large collection of classic cars. These cars range from rusty American hot rods to classic Italian Stallion Ferraris and supercars. It is refreshing to see a member of the super-elite enjoying a passion that we car enthusiasts can share common ground with. With that in mind, let's review a list of some of the ultra-rare vehicles in this entrepreneur’s garage.

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First up we have a rusty Ford pickup truck hot rod, although it is not certain what model the vehicle is, the distinct sound of a monster V8 can be heard as he floors it down the street. Ferrari is the pinnacle of success in the car world, the first car most of us think of when we picture our best life is either a Ferrari or a car inspired by one. This is best embodied through our next entry on the list, a Ferrari 348 GTB. Singhania has an affinity for high horsepower V8s because along with the HotRod and Ferrari he also has several American V8 muscle machines at his disposal including a 1973 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and one Ford Mustang modified for the drag strip. Finally, the boastful billionaire has also been spotted driving a Mercedes-Benz 540K Cabriolet, which can be seen with the top down enjoying the finer things in life.

This is an interesting collection of automobiles, to say the least, the fascinating repertoire helps to shed light into the mind of a true enthusiast collector. Proving that no matter the cost, car enthusiasts will always find a way to fuel their passion. Car enthusiasts are some of the most open-minded positive communities, no matter if you’re ultra-rich or super poor you can always find a car and community that shares your passion.

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