Fox News Shames People For Driving A V8-Powered American Car

Mar 9, 2022 3 min read
Fox News Shames People For Driving A V8-Powered American Car

What an elitist perspective…

Fox News recently ran a tone-deaf yet predictable article trying to ridicule anyone for owning a V8-powered American car. It was such an elitist, lazy attempt at superiority on the part of Gary Gastelu, the outlet’s Automotive Editor, that I just had to respond as well as call attention to the condescending attitude.

Check out a Corvette that walks on water here.

The focus of Gastelu’s article is mocking what he says are the least fuel-efficient American vehicles. That’s right, he concentrates only on the Big Three, ignoring any foreign automakers because they get a pass for some reason. There are plenty of Mercedes, BMWs, Land Rovers, etc. which guzzle gas. I can only assume this focus is fueled by an elitist mentality. I’m quite familiar with this attitude that everything American is for commoners and therefore is automatically inferior. This is especially true when it comes to so-called domestic vehicles.

Gastelu proceeds to mock anyone for owning certain gas-guzzling Mopars, Fords, and GM models. Didn’t they know they’re supposed to be driving an electric toaster? Did they not get the memo from their cultural superiors? Perhaps people aren’t listening to as much NPR as Gastelu and that’s why they haven’t been properly programmed.

The man says he’s seen some people on social media “lamenting their purchasing choices.” There might be a few, but why doesn’t Gastelu show the receipts so we can all see just how badly these people are kicking themselves for buying something with real get-up-and-go? I’ve seen more outrage at our incompetent leader, particularly the Biden Administration’s adversarial attitude toward domestic oil. Sorry if I don’t just take Gastelu at his word, but this is hard to believe, just like journalists claiming their 5-year-old has expressed a complex political opinion to them completely unprovoked.

I’m old enough to remember the last time gas prices punched this high. Sure, some people absolutely lost their minds and automakers took advantage, introducing such gems as the Smart Car all in the name of conserving fuel. When prices dropped and people came to their senses, it didn’t take long for them to regret their fuel miser purchases. I want to believe people will keep their heads about them this time, but articles like this one from Gastelu sure don’t help.

By now, unless you stay in the house and haven’t visited a gas station in a while, you know gas prices have been increasing like crazy, and not just since the beginning of the month. Despite what so many news outlets have tried to insinuate or even openly assert, the cost of gas didn’t suddenly increase when Putin invaded Ukraine. Instead, prices have been rising steadily ever since the 2020 election. Yes, they’ve spiked thanks to the Ukraine war, but Russia didn’t solely cause the problem, although it has further complicated it along with us stupidly buying oil from our enemies. Gastelu of course doesn’t explain any of this since he’s too busy shaming his fellow Americans for driving American performance cars, which is super important work! After all, how else would Fox News readers be reminded of their inferiority and place squarely beneath the boot heel of the intelligentsia?

I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to read that Gestalu’s next opinion piece is about how dumb the poors are for not buying a Tesla. This kind of tone-deaf, elitist talk is wearing thin on people, myself included. Nerves are thin and so many are tired of the manipulation which is costing families dearly. Instead of putting the onus of skyrocketing gas prices on the Biden Administration’s policies, an easily provable theorem, Gestalu does the lazy, elitist thing and shames people who drive V8-powered American performance cars.

You can see Gestalu’s article here.

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