Indiana Corvette Driver Does Donuts, Runs From Cops

Sep 27, 2021 2 min read
Indiana Corvette Driver Does Donuts, Runs From Cops

And we thought cops liked donuts…

An unnamed 42-year-old man from Gary, Indiana has been taken into custody after using his flashy red Corvette to taunt police, then led them on a high-speed chase. It all started when cops were patrolling for carjackings in Gary on the night of September 17 and they spotted the Corvette, which allegedly was doing donuts on a public road. They tried to stop the driver, but he decided to show them his car was more capable and the chase was on.

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For whatever reason, after leading the police on a high-speed chase, the driver decided to pull over before he reached Interstate 80/94. Probably feeling they got lucky and the guy wised up, officers approached the Chevy, which then sped off onto the highway.

Without the worry of intersections, the Corvette driver decided to really open things up, going “extremely high rates of speed” according to the police. He got off onto surface streets and at that point decided red lights were optional for him, then go back onto the Interstate and ended up in the next county.

By this point, officers from multiple jurisdictions were in pursuit. It’s not detailed out how police tried to stop the Corvette, only that multiple techniques were deployed. Finally, the Chevy struck a Lake Station police vehicle, bringing the chase to a sudden halt.

After arresting the driver, police found a loaded Glock and what they believe to be marijuana. Thanks to that evidence and his shenanigans behind the wheel, the driver will probably be fighting multiple felony charges in court.

If you own a hot sports car like a ‘Vette, we understand you want to show off what it can do. However, there are racetracks for that kind of thing. Track insurance is far cheaper than all the fines this guy will be paying for a long time from now. In this case we think this guy was probably more concerned about what police would find in his car, which they found anyway, so he’s in deeper than if he had just pulled over and complied.

Source: NWI Times

Lead image credit: YouTube

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