The responsible driver was going much too fast.

If you just look at the pictures of this accident, it's hard to make sense out of it so it proves that you should always hear the whole story before making a judgment. By the pictures alone, it looks like the 1958 Chevy Corvette might have done the bruising, but it was the most innocent of bystanders in this innocent. The Corvette, all dolled up and ready for a car show, was struck by a runaway, rolling Ford Escape.

Witnesses reported that a speeding Ford Escape blew through a stop sign, to be t-boned by a truck, and went flipping. The Escape then skidded into the classic Corvette stopped on the other side of the intersection, smashing up the nose pretty good.

Owner of the stunning red Corvette, Gary Keyes, said he was just out to run some errands, like going to the store for some Rain-X to apply to his windows for the trip to Pendleton, Oregon, for the Hotrod-a-rama auto show.

“I really wish I just went home,” Gary Keyes told a local news page. “I’m just mad as hell.”

I feel every bit of that, Gary. Recently, I decided to drive around waiting for my son to get off work, instead of staying home until he called and got hit by a runaway tire and it totaled my muscle car. I used to think people were silly for not driving their nice cars more, but the universe can be cruel, especially when your car is smashed up while you're not even moving.

Nobody was seriously hurt, which is the thing you're supposed to be overzealous about after an accident, but it still stings to have your favorite car wrecked. Here's to hoping the insurance company treats Gary's Corvette with respect and they pay to have a proper repair job done, instead of forcing the car off the road like so many insurance providers love to do.

Source: Spokesman

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