Watch A Hemi ‘Cuda Trash Modern Muscle Cars

Mar 31, 2021 2 min read
Watch A Hemi ‘Cuda Trash Modern Muscle Cars

Don’t mess with the king…

Few American muscle cars evoke quite the same level of emotion as the classic Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda. While just about everyone has their favorite model year, the Mopars are considered by many to be the king of muscle performance. To help reiterate that belief, the video below was produced. It shows a Hemi ‘Cuda absolutely throttling newer muscle cars at a drag strip.

Find out what happened to Nash Bridge's Hemi 'Cuda here.

Car enthusiasts will debate for hours about whether modern or classic muscle cars are the best. In fact, some gearheads will swear up and down no “real” muscle cars have been made since 1974 (or some other date they’ve chosen for reasons they’ll explain at length, whether you want to hear it all or not). Then there are those enthusiasts who generally tend to be under 55 who think there have been some great muscle cars made in the past 40 years, especially recently. Obviously, those younglings know nothing about cars or something like that.

image credit: YouTube

Al this took place at the Street Car Takeover Dallas event this year. Obviously, the Hemi ‘Cuda isn’t bone stock, but the all-aluminum 528ci V8 is naturally aspirated with a dual-quad carb, Stage V heads, and 10:1 compression. The owner says he’s using 93 octane gas and it was running 9.5s consistently during the event, which was good enough to get it into the final for the 9.5 index class. The car was also competing in the 10.0 index class, although it was starting out in second gear so it was running 10.0s instead.

image credit: YouTube

Obviously, driver skill is key in any race, so this is a matter of having the right person behind the wheel, but it’s still cool to see a classic muscle car beat up on modern vehicles, teaching everyone to respect their elders.

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