Watch Some Modern Muscle Cars Drag Race

Jan 15, 2021 2 min read
Watch Some Modern Muscle Cars Drag Race

Then debate which drivers don’t know how to race…

Whether you’re a Ford guy, completely dedicated to Mopar, or will be buried in your Chevy, a lot of people will defend the honor of their chosen muscle car tribe to the death. That’s what makes videos like the one attached to this article so great, because we get to see several modern muscle cars face off against each other on the drag strip.

image credit: YouTube

That’s right, there’s a little bit of everything in the video. Among the stars is a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, Chevy Camaro SS, Ford Mustang GT, and Dodge Challenger T/A 392. And already there’s probably whining about two Mopars in that list, so it begins.

On top of that, the people who feel their car(s) of choice don’t perform well will automatically start blaming the driver(s). Yes, not all of them have lightning-fast reflexes, some of their launches are less than stellar, and driver skill absolutely plays a factor on the track. That’s part of the fun of racing is it’s not just the machine doing the work. But if you want to make excuses about why the muscle car you swear can pull 9s with bolt-on mods gets roasted by a rival, the driver is a convenient target of your wrath and embarrassment.

image credit: YouTube

What’s also great about this video is it shows the kids how to race responsibly: on a track. It’s an important lesson since it can save a lot of lives. Plus, on the track with the controlled conditions you can get an accurate quarter-mile time and work on improving your skills. Of course, that might be why the Civic boy racers don’t want to show up there – that and they’ll lose every time.

Now enjoy the races and drop some comments below, including mercilessly taunting people who like a brand different from your preferred choice.

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