Ginetta G12 Struts Its Stuff On The Track

Sep 14, 2020 1 min read
Ginetta G12 Struts Its Stuff On The Track

You don’t see these classics too often.

Built back in the 1960sspecifically for club racing competition, the Genetta G12 is a rare beast. While the name hints that it hails from Italy, this is in fact a British sports car. However, a mid-engine layout does add to the exotic flavor and of course helps with handling, a crucial area of focus for any track run.

While this car is no monster, the Lotus-sourced 1.6-liter twin-cam four-cylinder engine howls with a fury when pushed. You might not think 160-horsepower is impressive, but keep in mind this car tips the scale at just over 1,700 pounds, so it can really move. A 5-speed Hewland manual transmission and Girling disc brakes add to the fun nature of the Ginetta.

Peak power comes higher in the revs, so drivers often get close to the 7500 rpm redline, which adds to the dramatic appeal of this classic racer. Since it can hit about 140 mph, this little car isn’t at a disadvantage on long straightaways, so it can compete well on fast tracks.

Thankfully, most people who are lucky enough to own a Ginetta G12 seem to understand how special it is. Instead of sitting in a field, exposed to the elements and rotting away, these are often garaged and meticiulously maintained. They’re also run on the track fairly often.

However, it’s rare to get to see video of one of these cars doing laps. YouTube channel Italiansupercarvideo was able to get permission from the vehicle owner, collector Matteo Panini, to install an action camera in the cockpit. That means we get an excellent view as this Ginetta G12 takes on the Mugello circuit. Sadly, the view is partly obscured by the rearview mirror, but it’s still an entertaining video to watch, especially since we don’t know when this kind of opportunity will present itself again.

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