See The Rauh-Welt Begriff Headquarters

Mar 3, 2020 2 min read
See The Rauh-Welt Begriff Headquarters

This is a Porsche dream place.

Most people wouldn’t think one of the most legendary Porsche tuners in the world is located in Kashiwa, Japan. Most people know at least of RUFand Gemballa  in Germany, Singerand Sharkwerks in California, as well as a few other shops in those two countries. But the Japanese are actually huge Porsche 911 fans, with Rauh-Welt Begriff 911s perfectly demonstrating that passion.

Affectionately known as RWB, because that’s easier to say than Rauh-Welt Begreiff, the shop produces Porsches unlike any other. That’s mostly because it infuses elements of Japanese tuning and aesthetics into the builds, mixed with a fair degree of European tuning principles. What results is a hybrid car some find undeniably fascinating and others are completely repulsed at seeing.

RWB builds feature a widebody stance, something which arguably makes classic Porsche 911s look much better. It also makes fitting the 2+2 with larger wheels and tires possible, a move to boost aesthetics further and tweak handling dynamics at the same time.

As you can see in the video below, Nakai-san as the head of RWD is a true artisan. He’s not just mass-producing body kits and having kids slap them on 911s like pigs. Instead, he creates a custom solution for each customer, then builds the aftermarket parts by hand.

Even more phenomenal, Nakai-san will fly to wherever a customer lives and build the car on-site. For example, at the beginning of the video he’s customizing a guy’s 1988 Porsche 911 Carrera in British Columbia, Canada. Now that’s customer service.

Headquarters for RWB on the outside looks like so many other shops around the world: some cool cars parked outside of an industrial building. But the inside its like party central or the ultimate man cave. There’s memorabilia all over the walls, some of it car-related and some not, plus neon signs, a pool table, bookshelves, and more. Even though it looks like a place to just hang out, it’s obvious the crew doesn’t just goof off. They’re doing serious work and turning plenty of heads in the industry.

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