Florida Man Robs Bank, Escapes In Mustang

Jan 14, 2022 2 min read
Florida Man Robs Bank, Escapes In Mustang

Surprisingly, he didn’t crash into a group of pedestrians…

If you’re going to rob a bank, you better have a good getaway car. Robbing a bank is never a good idea, which we apparently have to say up front lest someone think we’re advocating something. Anyway, we’re sure some people will think having a red Ford Mustang to run from the cops is a great idea while others will think it’s about the dumbest thing they’ve ever heard. But that’s just what a Florida man did back on January 6, we’re assuming to fulfill one of his new year’s resolutions or something.

Watch a stolen Porsche flee from police on a sidewalk here.

The whole thing went down at a bank in Margate at 11:30 am. The FBI wouldn’t say how much cash the guy got from the bank, but Margate Police spotted the red Mustang and gave chase. As police pursued the suspect, he reportedly pushed his little pony to 130 mph, probably thinking the cops would just give up since in some areas they let criminals just drive off without doing anything.

Eventually, the chase crossed into Miami-Dade County. The suspect exited the freeway in the northwest section of the county, then sped through residential streets in Opa-Locka before pulling up in front of a house, crashing into the driveway gate.

Instead of hopping out of the Mustang and trying to boost another car as if he were in GTA, the guy looked like he was just chatting on his cellphone. We can’t imagine what was so important in the moment short of calling his lawyer. Or he might have been calling someone inside, because as he approached the door someone opened up and let him in. After a few moments the guy came out again, ran to the Mustang, grabbed something, then went back inside.

Police surrounded the house, which was really easy to pick out what with the red Mustang crashed into the gate and all. Someone opened the door and let officers inside. Police arrested the suspect without incident, with witnesses in the house saying he appeared calm, like nothing was going on.

Source: WSVN

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