How Many Corvette ZR1s Is Enough?

Jan 14, 2022 2 min read
How Many Corvette ZR1s Is Enough?

The answer is, there's never enough!

Corvettes are an obvious choice for any American car enthusiast looking for a sleek, fast sports car with tons of power and handling performance. Under the hood, you'll find virtually everything from potent 400 horsepower engines to some incredible 700+ V8s whose reputation exceeded them immensely. For this reason, the cars have become pretty popular in the performance automotive enthusiast community because there are enough of them to justify modification without drastically limiting the number of 'Vettes in circulation. However, it's rare to see any collection of this caliber, let alone practically solely dedicated to one specific car. So what is it about this collection that makes it so crazy?

Watch a Corvette ZR1 race a Challenger Hellcat here.

The first thing must be the incredible variety of rare and cool colors that you don't see every day. These insane schemes include Inferno Orange, Cyber grey, Carlisle Blue, and Supersonic Blue. One of these cars was sporting a beautiful Cyber Grey and was the first car that the owner had ever had built and modified to his exact specifications. For him, these cars mean something. They symbolize spending time with his family, they symbolize freedom, and you cannot forget about the insane performance you can pick up with a tastefully modified ZR1. That's exactly what this car is, and with some work to the engine, this car was able to break a record for the fastest 1-mile run in a blower-based ZR1 at 230 mph.

Along with the aforementioned record-breaking ZR1 is another 'Vette in the same color the owner has deemed the Cyber Grey Metallic Twins or CGM Twins. This is far from the only dynamic duo in the bunch, as the collection also sports a set of Jet-stream Blue Corvettes. These two cars will be modified into a couple of multiple horsepower vehicles over the next few years. One standout color that we bet you haven't seen is the Night Race Blue which is extremely rare and very intimidating, as the name suggests. While there are plenty of other cars in the collection, the 'Vettes are the true centerpiece in this shop which is exactly how it should be.

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