Stolen Porsche 944 Uses Sidewalk To Ditch Cops

Jan 12, 2022 2 min read
Stolen Porsche 944 Uses Sidewalk To Ditch Cops

Welcome to Seattle…

An absolutely embarrassing video of a thief driving a stolen Porsche 944 on a sidewalk in Seattle is making the rounds. While it’s shocking to see a criminal pull off such a stunt, what’s even worse is that Seattle police just stood there and watched him drive off. This is what passes for law enforcement in Washington’s biggest city.

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The video, which was captured by local station KIRO Radio, shows Seattle cops surrounding the red Porsche 944, which is on a sidewalk. Several police vehicles are parked in the road with their emergency lights activated as the officers congregate by the curb. They don’t even approach the German sports car, which then drives down the sidewalk uninhibited, then merges into traffic.

The camera pans back to the cops, some of whom are literally hanging their heads as they don’t get in their vehicles to give chase. Yep, that’s it, the whole thing is over without any struggle. If this were our car, we’d be pretty mad.

Seattle Police Department took to Twitter to play damage control as they were mercilessly mocked for letting the Porsche driver get away in such a dangerous fashion. “For those wondering why we wouldn't pursue the suspect in this situation, we have a link to our policy. Due to the extreme risk pursuits create, we will always err on the side of safety for everyone in our community. We will catch the suspect another day.” Sure they will, unless he choose to run away again and you just watch, hanging your heads in shame. What a sad place Seattle has become.

With car theft at crazy levels in many parts of the country, one would hope police would make catching thieves a high priority. Instead, they make excuses about “extreme risk.” It all rings pretty hollow.

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