Only Grapes For The King in Elvis Presley's Purple 1956 Cadillac

Feb 25, 2021 2 min read
Only Grapes For The King in Elvis Presley's Purple 1956 Cadillac

This is possibly one of Elvis Presley's coolest cars, this 1956 purple Cadillac will have you shake rattle and rollin’.

This King of rock isn't just known for his ensemble of Rockin' rhythms and blues ballads, he also has some pretty sweet rides from his 1971 yellow Pantera, which he put more than one bullet in, all the way to the subject of today's rockin’ ramble. His 1956 purple Cadillac, the story goes that Elvis found the beautiful gem in Texas.

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Back then it was white so, rather than just get one in his color or have it painted there, he drove this baby back up to Memphis, took it to a dealership, smashed grapes on the hood, and said “That’s the color I want.” Naturally, not wanting to disappoint the King of Rock Roll, they obliged him even going as far as to sprinkle grape Kool-Aid into the carpet to give it a grape smell.

This baby has been barkin’ like a hound dog for 64 years now, its beauty hasn't faded a bit, and nothing can compare to that bright purple in your face paint job. We can only imagine how this car looked ride around Memphis with the burning sun gleaming off the rigid body lines and wrapping about the chrome-like a laser reflecting off of the car. First, you hear the engine, then you hear the music and you know who it is. This car is super loud, both literally and metaphorically.

Everything from the chrome grill and bumper to the white leather interior the contrast between purple and white gives the car a flamboyant personality combined with the chrome and this thing pops. When you see this Caddy coming down the road you know that Elvis has entered the building!

If this car were to talk it would tell a tale of adventure and the crazy man behind the wheel. As for why he picked this purple cat, well that's easy, Elvis was super eccentric and loved showing off and his cars remained true to that narrative.

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