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Firefighters in Memphis, Tennessee are getting much less than a “thank you” for their life-saving services. A rash of vehicle break-ins and a car theft has targeted rides left in fire station parking lots. Obviously, the criminals know firefighters work long shifts and don’t check on their cars while they’re working, making them the ideal targets. It’s similar to the uptick in vehicle thefts across the nation during the coronavirus lockdowns as vehicles sit unattended for days, something thieves absolutely love.

According to a local news report by WREG, two cars were burglarized at two different stations. In one of those incidents, the thieves simply smashed the car windows and took what they wanted out of the interior. That’s obviously not a sophisticated method for breaking into a car and is one that can attract a lot of attention, so these are brazen criminals.

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In a third case, a firefighter’s SUV was stolen. The Chevrolet Tahoe was taken from Station 25’s parking lot early on July 2.

Some of the Memphis fire stations have fences and gates where the firefighters park, an extra security measure which one would assume has prevented problems.

“It’s a hell of a note when you go to work and you do what it takes, even putting your life on the line for this city and then you got some jerks that’s coming by and breaking into your cars,” said Thomas Malone, president of the Memphis Firefighter’s Association.

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To help combat the problem, Memphis is installing surveillance cameras at various fire stations around the city. From reports it sounds like the plan for the moment isn’t to install them at every station, but it should still act as a deterrent against future criminal activity.

If you have information about these burglaries and car theft targeting firefighters in Memphis, contact the Memphis Police Department.

Source: WREG