Driver Cited For Going Over 400 MPH

Jun 9, 2021 1 min read
Driver Cited For Going Over 400 MPH

No, this was not a world record run but something else entirely…

A recent report of a driver in Belgium cited for traveling 654 kph, or over 400 mph for all our American readers, made us stop and do a double-take. After all, the SSC Tuatara set a new production car land speed record in January when it hit 282.9 mph, breaking the previous record of 277.9 mph set by the Koenigsegg Agera RS. Those two hypercars didn’t get anywhere close to 400 mph, so imagine the shock when a Belgian man received a citation in the mail claiming he had gone that fast in his Opel Astra.

Maybe if the guy was driving a Hellcat he could've gotten away from the police, like in this incident here.

If you don’t know, we had the Opel Astra here in the United States for a time, although it was badged as the Chevrolet Cruze. Despite what some Cruze drivers who own the turbocharged models might think, they’re not superfast, high-performance cars. After all, the little cars don’t make anywhere near 200-horsepower, so they’re a great option if you don’t want your kid to have access to crazy power.

The citation was automatically generated by a speed camera in a 50 kph zone. Supposedly going over 5 times the legal speed meant a fine of 6,579 euros or about $7,800 USD. That’s an incredibly expensive speeding ticket, but obviously there was a mistake.

Thankfully, the owner of the hot little hatch decided instead of paying the fine and trying to act like he was a bigger man than he is in reality was the wrong approach. Instead, the guy contacted police who admitted the speed camera malfunctioned. We doubt they could’ve argued otherwise in any court of law that takes itself the least bit seriously.

However, the guy wasn’t totally off the hook. Police were somehow able to determine the Opel Astra was going 60 kph, 10 over the limit, writing a new ticket for 50 euros.

Source: Fox News

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