Dodge Charger Police Chase Ends In Epic Fashion

Mar 14, 2021 2 min read
Dodge Charger Police Chase Ends In Epic Fashion

This guy seems to know no fear or reason…

With this video of a Dodge Charger running from the cops, we once again see someone who thinks they’ve finally figured out how to escape from authorities because they have a fast car. It happens all the time and most of them don’t get away. Even if they do, unless the vehicle doesn’t have plates on it, cops can catch up with them again later. Of course, if the muscle car is stolen, that’s something else. None of that happens in this video, making the ending far more entertaining and maybe a good lesson in why you should just pull over and take your medicine like an adult.

See this guy outrun the cops in a Hellcat here.

You’ll see the video starts with the Dodge Charger going down a freeway, supposedly doing well over 100 mph. That’s not a difficult feat in these cars, but avoiding hitting the slower-moving traffic takes more skill and some luck. Thankfully, the suspect gets off the highway, but that’s when the fun really starts.

image credit: YouTube

This Charger just keeps ripping down surface streets after getting off the freeway, barely slowing down to check intersections are clear before blowing through red lights. In fact, the person operating the camera seems to have trouble tracking the muscle car a few times and that’s probably the point, to go so fast nobody can keep up. It obviously doesn’t work and it’s incredibly dangerous for the driver and everyone else on the road, but this also makes for an interesting video.

As it happens to us all, thick traffic on a smaller road throws a curve ball for the suspect, who decides to cut through a Best Buy parking lot and almost gets taken out by a bulldozer. It’s one of many close calls, demonstrating how running from cops is a bad idea all around.

image credit: YouTube

Sadly, we’re not exactly sure where this police chase took place since the video doesn’t say. However, street signs say something about I-55 and routes to Memphis as well as St. Louis, so it’s somewhere in that region. Some audio would also be nice, but you could always narrate the action with your friends and it’d be better than some annoying news anchors. Also, the video quality from the pursuing chopper isn’t the greatest, but it’s what we have to work with.

The ending is probably not what you’re expecting, so check it out for yourself.

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Must See: Epic Dodge Charger Police Chase
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