Dodge Charger Busted For Doing 155 MPH In Detroit

Mar 12, 2021 2 min read
Dodge Charger Busted For Doing 155 MPH In Detroit

That’ll show ‘em…

Poor Dodge Charger owners, they’re constantly ridiculed for driving a “grocery getter” and not a “real muscle car” because their ride has 4 doors. Maybe that’s what was behind a Charger driver taking his car for a 155 mph jaunt through Detroit in a 55 mph zone on Lodge near Eight Mile back on February 26. The guy was caught, thankfully, since so many other Dodge drivers have been able to outrun the cops and their “unbeatable” radios. Anyway, after stopping the Mopar, officers put the driver under arrest for reckless driving.

Another Dodge Charger owner successfully outran police in Detroit recently. Read about it here.

Not only was this Dodge Charger driver going 100 mph over the speed limit, police then searched the Mopar and found a handgun in the center console. The driver is currently out on parole and we’re sure his PO is really excited about this revelation. Prosecutors are looking into what charges they might bring against the man, which we’re sure will be super fun.

Police didn’t release any more info on this incident, so we don’t know if this guy was driving a Hellcat or one of the V6 models or something else. We hope it had a Hemi, but then again most criminals aren’t known for their impeccable taste in vehicles. However, as we’ve covered for longer than other car sites which are now jumping on the bandwagon, modern Mopar muscle cars have become catnip for criminals and this is just another entry in a long list of such incidents.

We’re glad nobody was hurt or killed in this incident, so the police deserve some recognition for a job well done. Why this guy didn’t put up a fight when he was flouting the law so blatantly is a bit of a mystery, but we’re glad he didn’t decide to do something even more reckless.

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