Daily Driving A Plymouth Prowler Is An Intriguing Concept

Sep 11, 2020 2 min read
Daily Driving A Plymouth Prowler Is An Intriguing Concept

Oh, it’s far more interesting than a Toyota Camry…

Admit it: you’ve probably never fantasized about driving a Plymouth Prowler back and forth between work and home every day. If you have, congratulations because you’re in an elite group of automotive enthusiasts. A Canadian guy decided to take on this challenge and make a YouTube video about his experience, something we find so incredibly intriguing.

We’re not saying the Plymouth Prowler is a bad car. While it could have been so much more, it’s a fun little Mopar that dared to be something nobody has tried since. Plus, you can pick them up for relatively cheap these days. That is, until the collectors start to realize the Prowlers were really diamonds in the rough.

However, we’re not even going to start trying to lie that the Plymouth Prowler is the least bit practical. It’s about as bad as commuting in a Alfa Romeo 4C or Honda S2000. Both are fun cars, but they’re not designed with everyday practicality in mind.

You wouldn’t think the factory hot rod would be a great choice for tooling around in Canada. No doubt it’s a horrible choice for the winter up north, but the guy reviewing the Prowler says he’s loving driving it every day. Among his observations is how the Plymouth doesn’t exhibit oversteer or understeer, but instead it’s just neutral.

However, he points out the one thing which likely caused the Prowler to not be the hit it could’ve been: it should’ve had a V8. We know, we know, the engineers couldn’t fit one in that narrow engine compartment. We’ve all heard the story, but other than the absolutely awful front bumper, it’s the glaring error with this car. Had Chrysler figured that out, maybe the Prowler would have stuck around for a much longer run and maybe, just maybe the Plymouth brand would’ve as well? Probably not.

Anyway, the video accompanying this article is from YouTube channel TheStraightPipes. It’s interesting to hear the critique of the Prowler, a car that’s been largely forgotten by society but not abandoned by all enthusiasts.

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