Beautiful White Corvette Goes Up In Flames

May 8, 2021 2 min read
Beautiful White Corvette Goes Up In Flames

There goes $20K worth of modifications and hours he'll never get back!

As car enthusiasts we have a special emotional connection to our beloved vehicles, we build these cars ourselves. Our materials usually include sleepless nights, thousands of tears, and far too much blood. Of course, it's also important not to forget that we give up years of going out to eat, dates, and buying fancy clothes in favor of being wrapped in a ratty cloth we've had since the 4th grade while sitting under our cars and eating ramen while learning about catalytic converters. We do this because we love our cars, unfortunately, the universe does not always recognize that love as valid. That's exactly what happened to one extremely unlucky Florida resident who had their beloved sports car taken from them by a freak accident and unfortunate parking.

This C4 Corvette is surrounded by water!

After spending more than $20,000 a simple engine compression test seemed like no big problem. Regrettably, there would be complications with the testing. While running a routine compression check the owner noticed smoke billowing from the engine. He rushed to move the cars out of the driveway so that he could move his beloved 1994 'Vette out of the garage. Unfortunately by the time he got it out of the garage it was already too far gone to save.

This is a terrible thing that happened and something that plagues the nightmares of all car enthusiasts. Whether you enjoy the company of some American muscle or JDM diamonds, it goes without saying that we would all be distraught, to say the least. We all love our cars and while we don't have information into what modifications were done to the car, it doesn't make the effort invalid. The wicked white Vette was a member of the C4 club, these slept on performance cars that had about 300-horsepower being made by a 5.7-liter V8 LT engine connected to a 6-speed transmission. Regardless of the performance, this dedicated car enthusiast has just lost one of his prized vehicles and we hope that he finds some better luck in the future.

Source: ABC7 News

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