Camaro Funny Car Found After 40 Years

Jul 23, 2023 2 min read
Camaro Funny Car Found After 40 Years

Which one of your old rides would you like to track down the most?

YouTube channel Hot Rod Hoarder has a nice story about an old Chevy Camaro funny car’s chassis they bought and then sold to a previous owner. It’s something which can make you think about that old ride you regret letting go and make you hopeful that maybe one day through a turn of events you might have a chance to get it back. After all, these guys bought the funny car just because they wanted the wheels, but the previous owner who got his beloved ride back appreciated it far more.

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In fact, the history this car shares with the previous owner who bought it back stretches all the way into his teenage years. That’s an impressionable time when many of us become enamored with certain car models (for some of us that came at a much younger age) and we forever have lusted after owning specific vehicles because of those adolescent fantasies.

It’s understandable why a 16 year-old would have fond memories of the funny car he was able to buy. After all, most kids get a pretty crappy ride at that age, something which teaches them the importance of checking the fluids often as well as the value of something which doesn’t soak your feet every time you drive through a puddle.

image credit: YouTube

At the same time, this story highlights why pretty much no 16 year-old is ready to own a powerful vehicle. But it also worked out, because this guy became so obsessed with funny cars he went on to own 88 of them. However, it’s fitting that the last one he plans on purchasing is also the first one he ever purchased, the ride which sparked his lifelong passion.

This is quite the story, especially how they were able to find the previous owner despite this Camaro barely ever being photographed. Check out the video to get the complete rundown.

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