Drunk Chevette Driver Leaves Road And Lands On Camaro Convertible

Sep 24, 2022 2 min read
Drunk Chevette Driver Leaves Road And Lands On Camaro Convertible

This drunk driving incident has left many people scratching their heads as they watch someone almost lose their life to a devastating car crash.

Car crashes can be some of the most devastating events in one's life because of the high probability of terrible damage and brutal fatality rates. Every year, tens of thousands of Americans lose their lives to car crashes, and even more suffer from serious injuries. Unfortunately, one of the leading proponents of these auto crashes is intoxication while behind the wheel of a vehicle. This is because of the slowed reaction time and suppression of inhibitions which leads people to understand the risk of something but not care about the consequences. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case with this particular car accident in which a driver who appears to have been under the influence of alcohol jumped his car and crash-landed on top of a late model convertible Camaro.

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The vehicle in question appears to have been a late '80s Chevrolet Chevette which would have been a pretty standard vehicle in Brazil, where this crash took place. Unfortunately, a camera caught the car just a few seconds before the infamous crash speeding down a narrow road that was coming up on a nearly 90-degree turn. This is possibly the worst place for a drunk driver because it requires a ton of focus and attention to detail when turning. Unfortunately, turns are no trouble for this buffoon as they completely skipped across the intersection, jumping over a raised concrete structure and landing on the soft roof of a convertible Chevrolet Camaro.

This terrible example of Chevy on Chevy violence is a walking PSA for the dangers of drunk driving as it is shown to impact your ability to drive significantly. Of course, the risk associated with drunk driving is not uncommon knowledge. Instead, the perpetrator was simply an idiot who took it upon themselves to put others' lives in danger as well as their own by blatantly disregarding the safety of others in the area. While the victim in this situation may not have been killed, they are currently hospitalized with severe injuries, and we hope they make a quick and healthy recovery. This should serve as a lesson to everyone that drunken driving is a terrible and life-endangering endeavor with no payoff for the cost; this is the perfect example.

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