Los Angeles Cops Shut Down Classic Car Meet

Jul 12, 2021 2 min read
Los Angeles Cops Shut Down Classic Car Meet

Ain’t that just the way?

Over the 4th of July weekend, a group of classic car enthusiasts held a meet on the side of a public road. It’s the kind of thing you see in cities and towns all across America and many other countries as gearheads converge to admire one another’s rides while strengthening friendships. While most of these gatherings are peaceful and harmless, there are admittedly some which are hotbeds of illegal activity. However, a recent gathering by enthusiasts in Los Angeles didn’t appear to be of the troublemaking variety, yet the cops still shut it down in short order.

Meanwhile in Beverly Hills lawlessness reigned on the 4th of July. Check it out here.

We’ve all been there as gearheads: targeted by members of law enforcement, maybe at the behest of some busybody community members or politicians, because our nice rides must mean we’re obviously up to no good. The thing is there’s truth in the old saying that if you want your kid to stay away from drugs, get him into cars from an early age and he won’t have money to buy drugs.

image credit: YouTube

While we weren’t at the meet, so we can’t say for absolutely sure there were no troublemakers, the video put together by Four Speed Films and posted to YouTube sure makes it look like a wholesome event. There are some seriously nice rides at the gathering, with everything from classic trucks to muscle cars and hot rods. Watch the video and just bask in the array of cars.

image credit: YouTube

This gathering takes place in an industrial part of San Pedro, so it’s not like any residential neighborhoods or retail businesses are being harassed. These guys are so thuggish, several of them are flying big American flags on their cars. Won’t someone think of the children?

image credit: YouTube

No burnouts, smokey donuts, or any other shenanigans you’d see at one of these street takeover events seem to be going on at this place. It looks like someone did that very thing in that spot, perhaps the night before, but everyone in the video seems pretty chill. Still, the cops tell them they have to move because they’re in a public road, even though they appear to be on the shoulder and “No Parking” signs seem to not be present. Again, we weren’t there so we’re getting everything filtered through an edited video, but the action by LAPD sure seems to be odd.

Check out the video for yourself.

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