Mark Wahlberg Buys Another Ohio Car Dealership

Jul 12, 2021 2 min read
Mark Wahlberg Buys Another Ohio Car Dealership

Marky Mark is on a roll!

Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg, who used to be famous for performing in his underwear during his days as Marky Mark, has just purchased yet another car dealership. This one, which is a Chevrolet dealer, is located in Ohio and will be known as Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet. We were really hoping it would be called Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch Chevrolet, since that has a certain retro vibe to it.

This isn’t Wahlberg’s first dealership in Ohio, with at least five others under his belt. The man told local journalists he likes the area. “It’s been great being in Ohio, being in the Midwest. I always stay connected to real people – I live in LA and I’m in the movie business, but I always stay connected to real people and what they’re experiencing,” he said. “I always feel more comfortable and more at home in places like Ohio.”

photo credit: Facebook

Now, we could jump into the debate about whether or not Ohio is part of the Midwest – that gets pretty contentious in a hurry. Obviously, Wahlberg thinks so. But what’s remarkable is he doesn’t just consider it another “flyover state” while mocking the people living there as backwards, uneducated, and obviously below him. Instead, he’s investing in local businesses, hopefully providing good jobs and preserving what’s unique about Ohio.

Like so many of us, Wahlberg says his interest in cars stretches back to his childhood. In fact, he said he’s “always wanted to be in the car business.” That might sound surprising for someone with his kind of star power to say, but the fact he’s investing in dealerships instead of a big yacht and his 6th mansion in Malibu does indicate he’s following his dream.

After working two jobs and paying for his own driver’s ed course, he got his license and also bought his first car. That ride was a Pontiac LeMans, beginning his love affair of vehicle ownership.

Source: Penn Live

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