Grab the popcorn and enjoy!

In case you aren’t already aware, Hagerty Drivers Foundation has released on YouTube a feature-length documentary of the Chrysler Turbine Car. We know a lot of gearheads are absolutely fascinated with this topic, so we wanted to spread the word. Certainly, this is better than a lot of the garbage on TV, streaming services, and in theaters these days.

See the discovery of a Chrysler Turbine Car here.

As you probably already know, Chrysler set off on a bold mission to turn the automotive industry upside down using turbines in cars. The effort, which began in the 1950s, cost the automaker millions of dollars and ultimately didn’t do much other than fascinate enthusiasts. Some would call it a failure, especially considering millions of dollars spent on the development of something which didn’t make any money was a far bigger loss than it would be today.

In the documentary, you get to hear from people who were involved in the Chrysler turbine research program. The engineers and mechanics who were on the front lines of this effort have some interesting stories to tell, maybe things you’ve never heard before, even if this is a subject you like to read up on whenever you get the chance.

Of course, Jay Leno and some other celebrities who have taken a liking to the Chrysler Turbine Car are also interviewed. They give their own take about what it’s like driving them and what kind of influence the defunct program had on the industry, even today. The fact that Leno has one of the last cars that’s actually running and driving does make him a bit of an authority.

Automotive history is critical to preserve. If we don’t understand where we’ve come from and lose that anchor, there’s no telling how far afoul we’ll go in the future. Why, we might put giant screens in cars and wonder why distracted driving is such a problem.

Check out the documentary for yourself.

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