Classic Maserati Goes Missing From Shop

Jun 21, 2021 2 min read
Classic Maserati Goes Missing From Shop

And things get weird from there…

It’s every car enthusiast’s worst nightmare: a man dropped his beloved classic Maserati off at the shop, then is just disappeared. Your first thought might be that the car was stolen from the shop, something we’ve seen before, but this case is even more horrifying. According to a local report, the trouble started when the owner of the shop could no longer pay his bills, so he closed his business.

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If you’ve ever known anyone who’s car has been left at a shutdown mechanic’s shop, you might already be groaning. Getting your vehicle back as the bank forecloses on the property can be a nightmare of red tape. However, that’s a better scenario than what happened to this Maserati.

Maurice Chad Resnick, who owned My Mechanic, the shop in question, actually sold his property last March instead of just waiting for the bank to foreclose on it. When he closed up shop there were 9 cars still there, vehicles he claimed had been there for a long time. Still, Resnick says he called the owners of the cars, telling them he was going to have them towed if they didn’t pick the vehicles up.

Tommy Attride, the owner of the Maserati, claims he never received a call. After realizing it had been a while since he dropped off the car to have the carburetor fixed, Attride called Resnick after he saw renovation work being done at the shop, realizing something wasn’t right, but the mechanic said he had no idea what happened to the vehicle. Yes, that’s the moment when panic and rage converge for any car owner, especially when the vehicle in question has tremendous sentimental value, which this one did since it was his late father’s car.

Despite not know who took the car or where it went, Resnick maintains he didn’t do anything illegal. He also claims the Maserati was dropped off at his shop in 2018, but Attrirde says it was left there in 2020. This highlights the importance of documenting everything you do with your mechanic, including when you drop off your vehicle. That and staying up-to-date on what progress is or is not being made regularly.

Attride has been in contact with the DMW in North Carolina as well as local tow truck companies, but so far his Maserati hasn’t tuned up. We certainly hope he finds the car in one piece, but sadly most situations like this don’t end well.

Source: WRAL

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