Man Fleeing Police Wedges Maserati Under The Highway

May 17, 2021 2 min read
Man Fleeing Police Wedges Maserati Under The Highway

Ok, now we’ve seen it all…

On the morning of April 13, a California Highway Patrol officer in the Oakland area tried to stop a Maserati Levante for speeding on the highway. Instead of pulling over and pleading his case or just taking the ticket, the driver of the luxury SUV decided to run from the officer. That decision ended with the Maserati stuck underneath the highway in one of the most bizarre chase aftermaths we’ve seen.

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According to Oakland California Highway Patrol, the unnamed man accelerated the Maserati Levante to over 100 mph to try to lose the officer. Instead, the officer gave chase. Being that SUVs have a higher center of gravity, they don’t handle as well when going fast and trying to make sudden maneuvers. Not that we recommend trying to evade the cops, but an SUV isn’t the most ideal vehicle for such a thing.

photo credit: Instagram

We’re guessing a lack of stability combined with going at a high speed was the driver’s undoing. He exited the highway, probably to try losing the CHP officer, but drove the Maserati up an embankment at the overpass, pinning the luxury SUV between the underside of the highway and the slope.

Having suffered such a jarring incident, the driver thankfully gave up and let police arrest him without resisting. However, the Levante is definitely totaled. CHP transported the driver to the hospital because he was complaining of being in pain. He’s now facing charges for reckless evading.

photo credit: Instagram

Even worse, this man is going to have to face his girlfriend, the owner of the Maserati Levante. We’re guessing she won’t be amused at his creative attempt to get out of a ticket and she likely won’t be waiting for him when he gets out of jail.

We know getting a speeding ticket is no fun, especially since it can cause your insurance rates to increase. But wrecking an expensive luxury SUV is even worse. Quite frankly, looking at the photos of the crash, this guy is just lucky to be alive.

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