Chip Foose Gives The Classic Mini More M3 Styling

Sep 25, 2020 2 min read
Chip Foose Gives The Classic Mini More M3 Styling

Hey, why not go back and ruin the past some more, Chip?

One of the most beloved non-luxury British cars is the Mini. Made by too many companies for our little American minds to grasp, the brand was finally acquired by BMW in 2000. That meant a healthy injection of German sensibilities and styling going into the thing, which over time has only increased. Not everyone’s happy about that change, but it does mean we have Minis all over in North America, for better or worse.

Anyway, Chip Foose decided to redesign the classic Mini with BMW M3 sensibilities, because after all why would you want a purely British version of the car?

We’ve seen Foose do some pretty controversial car sketches in the past, including turning the first-gen Ford Bronco into a hotrod and simplifying the Lamborghini Countach. He’s also made designs people pretty much agree are good, like when he reworked the AMC Pacer into a much cleaner, more attractive car.

image credit: YouTube

Basically, the approach of Chip Foose’s design is what a Mini with an M3 drivetrain in it might look like. That entails installing Bimmer wheels and other fixings, so some cosmetic modifications are necessary, like widening the fenders to accommodate bigger tires.

He adds some other flourishes, like an extended lower front fascia and hood scoop which really, really change the look of the car. Chopping the roof pillars slightly, he got rid of the rake, and he made a few more fundamental changes to the body. He even threw in a ’69 Jaguar door handle for good measure.

Foose admits he’s never worked on a Mini in his life. We’re assuming he’s had all kinds of fantasies about the little cars and it all came pouring out in the video. Honestly, this one was a mixed bag for us. Some of what he did was good and some was pointless or even bad. What do you think of Foose’s Mini?

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